Opposite of initiation What is the opposite of initiative - Thesaurus and Word Tools 108 Synonyms & Antonyms of INITIATE - Merriam-Webster WebbSynonyms for INITIATION: inauguration, inaugural, induction, baptism, installment, instalment, installation, investment; Antonyms of INITIATION: discharge, removal … Opposite word for INITIATION > Synonyms & Antonyms Words End and Initiation are semantically related or have opposite … WebbDefinition of initiate. Origin : "one who has been initiated," 1811, from past participle adjective initiate (c.1600); see initiate (v.). verb start, introduce. verb teach. Example … concourse jamaican bakery reviews 10 Initiation Antonyms. Full list of opposite words of initiation. Webb27 opposites of initiator - words and phrases with opposite meaning. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. WebbOpposite words for Initiation. Definition: noun. ['ˌɪˌnɪʃiːˈeɪʃən'] a formal entry into an organization or position or office. 15 Synonyms of INITIATION Merriam-Webster Thesaurus 109 Synonyms & Antonyms of INITIATING - Merriam-Webster WebbWhat is the opposite of Initiating? Antonyms for Initiating (opposite of Initiating). Log in. Antonyms for Initiating. 163 opposites of initiating- words and phrases with opposite … PREPARATION Synonyms: 60 Synonyms & Antonyms for WebbOpposite of the inception or launch of something. Opposite of the act of inaugurating, or inducting into office or a position. Opposite of the action of establishing something or being established. … more . Noun. . Opposite of the admittance of someone into a society or … concourse issues WebbInitiation Words - 400+ Words Related to Initiation Initiation Words Below is a massive list of initiation words - that is, words related to initiation. The top 4 are: spiritual, induction, introduction and commencement. You can get the definition (s) of a word in the list below by tapping the question-mark icon next to it. INITIATION Synonyms: 22 Synonyms & Antonyms for … Webbinitiation noun (BEGINNING) [ U ] the act of beginning something: The initiation and carrying out of such a measure, he wrote, is absolutely necessary. initiation noun … concourse iptables Webb798 opposites of initiate- words and phrases with opposite meaning. Lists. synonyms concourse instance groups 109 Synonyms & Antonyms of INITIATING - Merriam-Webster WebbSynonyms for INITIATE: establish, launch, introduce, create, pioneer, found, begin, inaugurate; Antonyms of INITIATE: shut (up), close (down), stop, abolish, nullify, … concourse house hdfc the bronx new york Initiating antonyms - 163 Opposites of Initiating - Power Thesaurus WebbSynonyms for INITIATING: establishing, founding, creating, launching, introducing, pioneering, instituting, inaugurating; Antonyms of INITIATING: closing (down), … concourse itpl Leaderless genes in bacteria: clue to the evolution of translation ... WebbOpposite of to set up or establish. (expel) Opposite of to inaugurate into an office or an organization, especially ceremonially. (disqualify) Opposite of to inaugurate into an … WebbAntonyms for initiate block cease close complete conclude end expel finish halt hide ignore learn neglect reject secret stop terminate Definition of initiate Origin : "one who has been initiated," 1811, from past participle adjective initiate (c.1600); see initiate (v.). verb start, introduce verb teach Example sentences : Webb18 opposites of initialize- words and phrases with opposite meaning. Lists. synonyms concourse italia WebbInitiation is an antonym for end. Nearby Words: ending, ended, endless Initiation Initiation noun - The process or an instance of being formally placed in an office or organization. Show all Definitions Synonyms for Initiation Antonyms for Initiation End is an antonym for initiation in start topic. concourse icon list Webbinitiation ( ɪˌnɪʃɪˈeɪʃən) n 1. the act of initiating or the condition of being initiated 2. the often secret ceremony initiating new members into an organization Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014 in•i•ti•a•tion Auxin-induced inhibition of lateral root initiation ... - PubMed Initiative antonyms - 23 Opposites of Initiative - Power Thesaurus WebbThe hormone auxin is known to inhibit root elongation and to promote initiation of lateral roots. Here we report complex effects of auxin on lateral root initiation in roots showing reduced cell elongation after auxin treatment. concours eismv 2022 INITIATION English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary WebbSynonyms for INITIATED: taught, prepared, practised, fitted, experienced, qualified, trained, tutored; Antonyms of INITIATED: inexperienced, unskilled, amateur ... concourse in stadium Initiation Words - 400+ Words Related to Initiation Antonyms for initiation List of English antonyms Initiation synonyms, initiation antonyms - FreeThesaurus.com Initiation Encyclopedia.com What is the opposite of initiative? - WordHippo concourse in sf 176 Synonyms & Antonyms of INITIATED - Merriam-Webster Webbnoun something concocted, put together synonyms for preparation Compare Synonyms arrangement construction education establishment formation groundwork measure plan precaution preparedness qualification rehearsal study training alertness anticipation background base basis evolution expectation fitting foresight foundation gestation … concourse ipv6 WebbOpposite of the first step in a series of maneuvers. final step. last step. ultimate step. “The signing of the memorandum is the final step in bankrolling the project.”. Noun. . … WebbSynonyms for initiation in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for initiation. 48 synonyms for initiation: introduction, installation, inauguration, inception, commencement ... Initiated antonyms - 111 Opposites of Initiated - Power Thesaurus Webbinitiation, founding, foundation, institution, origination, creation, innovation, introduction, instauration noun. the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something … Webb1 nov. 2003 · During the prolonged reproductive phase and after the initiation of flowering, AtCKX1- and AtCKX3-overexpressing plants formed more axillary branches than did wild-type plants, indicating decreased apical dominance. This is the opposite effect of what was expected from decreased cytokinin content. concourse input mapping WebbHypothesis 2: Women form opposite-sex friendships as a strategy for gaining protection.1 This hypothesis predicts that, relative to men, women will judge physical protection as a more important rea-son for initiating opposite-sex friendships (Prediction 2a), desire opposite-sex friends who are physically strong concourse itpl photos Initiator antonyms - 27 Opposites of Initiator - Power Thesaurus Initiations antonyms - 30 Opposites of Initiations - Power Thesaurus Webb1 apr. 2005 · The first hints as to the features of the alternative initiation mechanism came from studies performed on bacterial leaderless mRNAs. The “downstream box” notion was beginning to be challenged in the bacterial domain by studies indicating that no mRNA/16S rRNA interactions were involved in the decoding of leaderless mRNAs in E. coli [ 31, 32 ]. concourse install What is the opposite of initiated? - WordHippo What is the opposite of initiator? - WordHippo Antonym of initiation - Synonyms.com Webb23 opposites of initiative - words and phrases with opposite meaning. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. A nnttoonyymmss 55 Level 9 - EnglishForEveryone.org Initiation Opposite Word Antonyms Meaning Synonyms Another … WebbExample: His Initiation Into The Club The Act Of Initiating, Or The Process Of Being Initiated Or Introduced; As, Initiation Into A Society, Into Business, Literature, Etc. (noun) The Form Or Ceremony By Which A Person Is Introduced Into Any Society; Mode Of Entrance Into An Organized Body; Especially, The Rite Of Admission Into A Secret … Initialize antonyms - 18 Opposites of Initialize - Power Thesaurus WebbOpposite of a person who establishes or originates an institution, idea or project. Opposite of a person or thing that brings something (creative) into existence. Opposite … Webb111 opposites of initiated- words and phrases with opposite meaning. Lists. synonyms WebbOpposite of past tense for to inaugurate into an office or an organization, especially ceremonially. “The New York State Chiefs tried to expel him from the organization … concourse is airport Opposite-Sex Friendship: Sex Differences and Similarities in Initiation … WebbDefinition of initiation. Origin : 1580s, from Middle French initiation or directly from Latin initiationem (nominative initiatio) "participation in secret rites," noun of action from past … Antonyms for initiate List of English antonyms What is the opposite of initiation? - WordHippo Initiation - definition of initiation by The Free Dictionary 15 Synonyms & Antonyms of INITIATION - Merriam-Webster WebbOn this page you'll find 50 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to initiation, such as: baptism, commencement, inauguration, inception, induction, and admission. … Cytokinin-Deficient Transgenic Arabidopsis Plants Show Multiple ... Webb12 juli 2011 · Shine-Dalgarno (SD) signal has long been viewed as the dominant translation initiation signal in prokaryotes. Recently, leaderless genes, which lack 5'-untranslated regions (5'-UTR) on their mRNAs, have been shown abundant in archaea. However, current large-scale in silico analyses on initiation mechanisms in bacteria are mainly … concourse jamaican bakery photos 36 Initiate Antonyms. Full list of opposite words of initiate. WebbThe short, comment-friendly form is this: Use Initialize only if you do not need an antonym! In case you need one select another verb (most of the time there is a more descriptive alternative). For further reference I'm providing my list … concourse island development process - What is the opposite of initialize (or init ... What is the opposite of initiation? - WordHippo Initiate antonyms - 798 Opposites of Initiate - Power Thesaurus What is the verb for initiative? - WordHippo Webbadjusted, made ready, modified, prepared, primed, reset, restarted, set, installed, set up, configured, readied, prepped, geared up, reconfigured, initialised, activated, started, triggered, actuated, operated, initiated, ran, run, drove, drave, driven, druv, sparked, tripped, moved, energised, energized, stimulated, prompted, propelled, … concourse italian translation WebbInitiate Synonyms Nearby Words initial , initiatory , initiation , initiative , initiated , initialization , initiator , initiating concourse it (pty) ltd WebbWhen one party initiates talks with another, he or she is beginning a discussion. The opposite of initiate is to end. Because terminate means to end, choice (E) is correct. (A) is incorrect because reiterate means to state again. This is not the opposite of initiate. (B) is incorrect because inundate means to overwhelm or flood. This is not the concourse j Webb23 maj 2018 · Nor is it permissible for members of one sex to be exposed to the initiation of the opposite sex. Initiation rituals must take place in a single sex environment. Another way in which sex factors into initiation is through a ritual emphasis on the sex organs. WebbIf you know antonyms for Initiation, then you can share it or put your rating in the list of opposite words. Suggest antonym. Definitions of Initiation. Nearby Words. initial, … concourse japanese Antonyms for initiate List of English antonyms 108 Synonyms & Antonyms of INITIATE - Merriam-Webster Evolution of translational initiation: new insights from the … Webb30 opposites of initiations- words and phrases with opposite meaning. Lists. synonyms concourse interview questions What is the opposite of initiate? - WordHippo